by and withHakim Louk’manMonia DouiebMyriem AkheddiouOthmane MoumenJasmina Douieb director – Renata Gorka set design, costumes – Daphné D'Heur sound – Benoît Lavalard lighting design – Eva Giolo video

“One point in common: a Moroccan father and a Belgian mother. In the company of other ‘zinnekes’, we have gathered to speak about our fathers and the “Other” within us. How each of us has dealt with it: “I’m Belgian but I’ve got a Moroccan father”- “I’m Moroccan but I don’t speak Arabic.” We want to talk about our anger at being half-Moutoufs, inherited anger which we no longer know anything about. Shame, too. Uncomfortable discomfort. Racism we’ve assimilated and come to terms with, like an invisible virus. We speak of the risk of forgetting and losing ourselves.

The play is a sensory journey, a quest for that first taste of couscous. A mosaic of questions without answers and answers without questions. A multi-coloured mix, like us, of scenes, testimonials and real or invented confessions. A closer look at the Moutouf inside us all.”