Pierre Richards text – Philippe Léonard text, actor – Catherine Somers set design, costumes – Philippe Morino music – Juliette Richards music – Luc Jouniaux lighting design, stage manager – Karl Autrique lighting design, stage manager – Rania Ameen Ghanoun voice-over – Arnaud Van Hammée video

Daraya is inspired by the work Les Passeurs de livres de Daraya by the French journalist Delphine Minoui. The play tells a tale that is all the more moving because it is true. In a war-torn suburb of Damas, young people scour buildings in ruins in search for books to form a library that is open to everyone. Reading has helped the survivors of a region torn apart by indiscriminate bombing to continue to live, experience and feel. Reality forces them to constantly hold their breath and makes them confront death every day, though.

The actor Philippe Léonard takes us to this community, that finds strength through literature which has the ability to create dialogue. In that way, they manage to preserve their dignity.