Léonore Frenois text, , director – Alex Lorette text, director – Justin Gistelinck stage manager, sound designer – Hélène Kufferath outside-eye – Charlotte Bernard stage manager, lighting design

“There is a sort of lightness and grace in the simple fact of existing, that goes beyond occupations, strong feelings and commitments. That’s what I wanted to talk about. That little something extra we’ve all been given: the salt of life.”

Freely inspired by French anthropologist and feminist Françoise Héritier’s Sel de la vie, the play evokes the small necessary things to sustain our love of life, between ingenuity, intimacy and minute pleasures. A whiff of fresh morning air, an unexpected smile, sitting by an open window, observing the gait of passers-by and indulging in spur-of-the-moment psychology, catching your breath…