Myriam Saduis Text, actress, concept – Pierre Verplancken actor – Isabelle Pousseur assistant of the director – Jean-Baptiste Delcourt artistic advisor – Magali Pinglaut artistic advisor – Virginie Strub construction – Nicolas Marty lighting design – Jean-Luc Plouvier sound – Joachim Thôme images – Leila Boukhalfa costumes – Florent Arsac sound engineer, video – Nancy Naous choreography – Valérie Battaglia assistant drama expert

'Game, set and match for Myriam Stadius' Final Cut, who has won two Prix Maeterlinck de la Critique (best actress and best performance of the season).' - Focus Vif

“This maternal madness dominated my childhood and teenage years. My father stood there, out of focus, like those photo negatives my mother couldn’t bring herself to throw away. It’s true: she had pushed this ghost, this stranger that she had wanted to erase right down to his very name, out of the picture.”

This two-person monologue is full of images and songs and addresses the refusal to let yourself be broken. The break up leads to the inquest, and the inquest opens onto the world. Little worlds and the big world come together: the colonisation of people, the bodies of sons and daughters. Nothing can stop the story from being told: raw, documented, meticulous. The powerful love and the subsequent violent break up of a French mother and a Tunisian father, part of which is linked to geopolitical issues that profoundly changed the lives of millions of human beings, including those of the protagonists.