A double program with the two latest films by Yuki Okumura (1978), who reinterprets recent art history as a site of interpersonal relations and parallel realities.

Welcome Back, Gordon Matta-Clark (2017) shows Okumura as a “double” of Gordon Matta-Clark (1943–1978) in his dialogue with curator Flor Bex. Revisiting the American artist’s 1977 Antwerp project Office Baroque from its realization to destruction to reincarnation, guided by Bex’s memory of friendship, it also traces Matta-Clark’s journey in Europe that year in the aftermath of his twin brother’s death leap, which echoes with Okumura’s own personal story. Followed by a conversation between Yuki Okumura and Etienne Wynants.

The Man Who (2019) reveals, through a confluence of subjective recollections by nine individuals, the "double" life of an unnamed man — seemingly a late Conceptual artist who developed a highly stoic practice registering dates and steps as a consistent means to portray himself, while keeping his identity obscure for decades until passing. Followed by a short Q&A session.

16:00 Welcome Back, Gordon Matta-Clark (2017)
18:00 The Man Who (2019)