HE4RTBROKEN is a Belgian collective promoting unapologetically emotional club music. It aims at offering forward-thinking and genre-blending performances challenging expectations from the club, and focuses on emotion and reinvention rather than on a certain musical genre. Promoting nights since 2015 in Brussels and wishing to provide a platform to like minded free spirits, they have brought to Brussels artists like Total Freedom, Toxe, Bonaventure, Tzusing, Lotic, Oklou, Inga Copeland or Klein, and work closely with Belgian artists ssaliva, Nevrland and SKY H1.


Ana Caprix & Daniel Swan (UK)

Ana Caprix and Daniel Swan present an audio-visual experience following the journey of a lone protagonist drawn into a mysterious landscape. Exploring the hazy borderland between escapism and annihilation, Ana Caprix's music fuses elements of trance, ambient and pop into a melodic sound that is both euphoric and bittersweet. Ana Caprix has been releasing music online since 2011 and most recently released his debut album, 2018's Anchorhold. Although very little is known about his elusive persona, he has also been working with artists Bladee, Laura Clock, Uli K or Brood Ma. Daniel Swan is visual artist and filmmaker whose work uses a mixture of digital collage, 3D animation, 2D visual effects and found footage. He has produced videos and visuals for Jam City, Visionist, Palmistry, Thaiboy Digital, RL Grime, and has had work shown at Tate Britain, ICA and Barbican.


Oli XL (SE)

Stockholm’s Oli XL has emerged as one of the most intriguing new artists in underground club music via his work as a producer, DJ, visual artist, and as head of the now defunct W-I label and its successor Bloom. Oli has always been an artist to watch (FACT Magazine named him as such officially at the beginning of 2018). Perhaps it was his track on the PAN label’s 2017 ambient compilation Mono No Aware, or his contribution to Posh Isolation’s I Could Go Anywhere But Again I Go With You compilation, released in January, 2018. But it was his 2018 EP (his third) "Stress Junkie" which featured the crystallization of a sound hinted at previously: unconventional yet funky rhythms and a pop sensibility. That vision was fully realized in the summer of 2019 with his debut album "Rogue Intruder, Soul Enhancer", the most cohesive and expansive statement of his intentions yet. Pitchfork rightly called it, “an almost uncomfortably gorgeous piece of work.” Oli XL will premiere at Bozar an augmented A/V version of his "Rogue Intruder, Soul Enhancer"’s live show.



Heartbroken collective's founders and resident djs Liyo and Steff have met in their teens and learned their craft together as autodidacts. They run a monthly radio show at The Word Radio and next to regularly playing shows on NTS, Hotel Radio Paris and Berlin Community Radio. Their versatile dj sets could be qualified as « storytelling », and is kindred to the philosophy of their nights : emotions come first, as they are looking for interesting collages, abrupt downfalls and emotional climaxes in their mixes, going from Techno build ups to ambient sensations, R’nB infused club tracks to Baile funk festive explosions. They have a nose for the unknown online gems and also produce irresistible edits that blend the best of all their influences.

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    BOZAR turns into the country’s biggest club for a new edition of Nuits Sonores. The biggest names in the electronic music world descend on Brussels to make you move and think. Here’s a small taster of four days of non-stop beats.

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