​​​​​​​Regine Mahaux is, above all, a witness to her time. Through photography, she reaches out to meet the other, driven by her curiosity and empathy. Her refined aesthetic often serves to depict grandiose worlds, both real and imaginary, appealing to our emotions, our consciousness, and our ability to engage. ‘Hors cadre’ is no exception to this rule. The Belgian photographer’s new exhibition confronts two particular aspects of the United States, two dimensions taken to extremes, yet born from the same fabric. From Paris Hilton to Christina Aguilera, Regine Mahaux presents a series of glamorous portraits of stars, in a luxurious fantasy setting. In counterpoint, she highlights how the stranglehold of reality dictates people’s lives. Street photos reveal more than everyday life. Instead, the street expresses itself, stakes its claim, bears witness – a street in which its own norms are overridden. Regine Mahaux deliberately chooses to explore the freedom of American society, examining it on the margins of the sublime and the provocative, and capturing it perfectly.

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