Yves Zurstrassen’s art is constantly changing. Even so, one thing is constant: the urge for free and intuitive expression. The exhibition travels from the Museo de Santa Cruz in Toledo to the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels, where the artist is based. A cyclical, ‘reversed’ chronological route; along the way we go back in time through the artist’s oeuvre from 2019 to 2009. A rhythmic play of abstract forms and bright colours, but also monochrome and striking yellow in his most recent work which forms the start and end of the exhibition. Inspired by the sounds of free jazz and abstract art, the exhibition shows us how painting – in a monumental, almost architectural form – converges with the space itself.

Did you know?


    Jazz. Henri Matisse translated it into collage, Julio Cortázar into literature, and Yves Zurstrassen? Into painting! BOZAR’s “Free” exhibition features the work of this Belgian abstract painter from 26 September to 12 January. The rhythmic interplay of form and colour reveals how the music is a common theme throughout his work. Zurstrassen has shared five jazz tracks with us that have inspired him to paint over the last ten years. A small selection from the infinite universe of jazz.

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