Since 2019, A+ Architecture in Belgium and BOZAR have been coproducing a new series of exhibitions devoted to Belgian architecture firms, which have attracted international attention in recent years. The second exhibition in this series, Performance & Performativity, is devoted to the Brussels architecture firm BAUKUNST, founded by Adrien Verschuere in 2008. 

The firm’s many interdisciplinary collaborations since its foundation illustrate a dialogical approach to the project development process that places architecture at the crossroads of art and science.  

As it bears witness to the importance of this position, the Performance & Performativity exhibition is designed to present the many supporting links and collaborations of a production that is resolutely open to contemporary practices and challenges. Moving models, photographs, videos and various installations illustrate the production of BAUKUNST and immerse us in its singular world of artistic, philosophical and technical references.   

A publication by BOZAR BOOKS, A+ Architecture in Belgium and Koenig Books, will be published on the occasion of the exhibition’s opening.  

Curators: Adrien Verschuere, Roxane Le Grelle and Iwan Strauven
In collaboration with Lara Molino and Lorenzo Vicari