Dareen Tatour text – Einat Weizman text, creation – Nitzan Cohen director – Nimrod Zin video – Tamer Nafar music – Itamar Zigler music – Tal Arbiv set design – Nadav Barnea lighting design

The one-woman show I, Dareen T. tells the tale of a unique friendship between the Palestinian Dareen Tatour and the Israeli Einat Weizman. In 2018, the state of Israel sentenced Tatour to five months’ imprisonment for her posts on Facebook which apparently “incited violence”. During her incarceration, she met Weizman, who joined her in her struggle.

Directed by Nitzan Cohen, the piece combines the poems and thoughts of Dareen with Einat’s writing. A gripping testimony that fights on two fronts: Israel’s control of the Palestinian people and the oppression of women in the patriarchal society of which Dareen is a part.

Dareen Tatour is a Palestinian poet, photographer and social media activist. Einat Weizman is a playwright an actress from Israel, who starred in films such as Holy Air (2017) and Operation Grandma (1999).

In January 2019, Dareen Tatour has received the Oxfam Novib PEN Award.