Ali Chahrour choreography, dance – Junaid Sarieddeen dramaturgy – Hala Omran dance – Ali Hout music – Abed Kobeissy music – Guillaume Tesson lighting design – Khyam Allami sound designer – Christel Salem production manager

More than a dance performance, May He Rise And Smell The Fragrance is also a ritual ceremony that searches for the boundary between life and death. It is the final piece of a trilogy about mourning rituals. Masculinity and its expressions of strength and heroism are challenged in this performance, showing the weaknesses and powerlessness of men who are not allowed to cry. A grieving woman comes forward as a priestess and takes three men with her to experience sorrow and loss with her. The Lebanese choreographer and dancer Ali Chahrour has taken inspiration for this performance from laments, dances and legends drawn from Arabian collective memory.

Ali Chahrour focuses on contemporary dance in the Arab world and his ambition is to give greater recognition to local dance traditions. His work investigates the relationship between dance and the body. He often returns to Islamic and Shiite religious rituals and customs, as in his most recent trilogy.