An exceptional opportunity to meet Bret Easton Ellis, the leading author of Generation X!

Bret Easton Ellis hasn’t lost any of his tartness or modernity: he tweets like a virtuoso, has just made an ad for St Laurent, and knows how to go viral like no one else – or perhaps like a certain Donald Trump, this execrated president whom he loves to watch us hate. In White, a collection of essays published this year, he evokes both political and social issues as well as his career as a writer, and opens himself up as he may never have done before. Once again, he offers discussion: is he a nihilist, a reactionary? He sees himself above all as a moralist.

Born in 1964 in Los Angeles, Bret Easton Ellis was the same age as his characters when he published his first novel, the critically acclaimed Less Than Zero (1986). His style triumphed in American Psycho (1991), which was turned down by his first publisher, featuring a psychopathic yuppie cum serial killer. His most controversial novel to date, it is also the one that made of him a key figure of American pop culture and literature. His novels constitute a coherent universe where recurring characters cross paths.

At BOZAR, Bret Easton Ellis will have a conversation with journalist Ine Roox.