Extra performance on Sunday, 12 January at 17.00.

Take a seat. Blindfold yourself. And just listen. Or, rather, listen with your entire being. And experience the beauty of the music even more intensely. 

A shiver up your back, a burst of energy, a tear rolling down your cheek, your hair standing on end, being overcome with emotions, taking a conscious look at the here and now…. Music can evoke any number of sensations. The musicians in the BLINDED project will let you feel several of these by sharing the things that have touched their lives with you, the audience.

For the occasion, they’ve put together creative, emotional covers of many well-known—and less well-known— songs from an eclectic mix of music genres, including pop, rock, classical, French chanson, and much more. And for the first time in the Centre for Fine Arts, holographic speakers from MUNDUS will surround the audience to increase the immersive experience.
The BLINDED sensory project is the result of a partnership with Fondation I See, a foundation that focuses on helping the blind and visually impaired attain full autonomy. The project also has a societal aspect: to promote intense or in-depth listening, a skill that people with a visual impairment have mastered in particular. The event’s full proceeds will go be used to support training for guide dogs for the visually impaired. 

A blinding(ly wonderful) project in every way! 

Exclusive performance in the Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels, on 9, 10, 11 and 12 January 2020. 

Vincent Baufay: keyboard, percussion, vocals
Anne Collet: violin, keyboard, vocals
Antoine Dandoy: keyboard, glockenspiel, vocals
Laetitia Gerlier: bass, vocals
Eerik Maurage: acoustic, folk, and electric guitar
Mika Nagazaki: electric and folk guitar, keyboard
Charles Slingeneyer: piano

For more info on the Fondation I See’s operation and activities, please visit www.fondationisee.be