Discovery trails taking place before 19 April are cancelled. If you have bought a ticket for a discovery trail, it will remain valid between May 19 and July 21 for a visit to the Keith Haring exhibition. Visit this page for more information or to request a refund.

Go on a voyage of discovery with the entire family through the fascinating world of American artist Keith Haring. An expert guide will take you through the stories and emotions surrounding his art, often playful and always interesting. You will get to know Haring’s distinctive style but also learn about his fight as an activist to make the world a better place. What do his brightly coloured paintings actually say? Who are those crazy characters? What are the codes to unlock those symbols that keep popping up?

It is not just about listening and observing though. Everyone is invited to express themselves, in their own way, with their own moves and colours. Take part in a truly interactive and lively shared experience, that will energise kids and adults alike.

Did you know?


    The visual legacy of American artist Keith Haring mirrors the zeitgeist of a decade and that of a continent. His cartoon-like characters, vivid colours and barking dogs became world famous, but there is more than meets the eye. He satirised national and international politics, he enlivened the eighties party scene and he carried the national – and a personal – fight against AIDS, which he ultimately lost in 1990. BOZAR looks back on the eventful life and work of the American legend in a major retrospective. Here's a sneak peek in five facts.  

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