Ioan Sbârciu is an artist who fights for beauty—but a beauty born of tension. His paintings are grand gestures but nevertheless also subtle. The romantic delicacy of his painted surfaces will only be fully revealed to patient eyes taking the time to discover dots and paintbrush strokes in pure colour among more nuanced sophisticated areas in grey. The artist paints with the fervent passion and unquenchable faith of a committed man but one who at the same time examines and reflects in his art the contemporary potential of the world about us.
He paints on different materials, ranging from his usual canvas to delicate silk and also often mixes his oil paint with unusual substances such as sand and cinders. In addition to the dramatically monumental dimension of Ioan Sbârciu’s paintings, we also recognise its astonishing subtlety. The great strength of his art lies in his ability to bring together ,both coherently and contrastingly, the power of composition and the sadness of chromatic juxtaposition, as well as the raw expressivity of contrasts with emphatic elegance.