Rachael Moore is a British born, black and bisexual LGBTQI activist who lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. With a background in youth empowerment, LGBTQI rights and advocacy, Rachael is no stranger to dealing with discrimination in both social and professional settings. Her experience at European level of politics has given her a greater insight of places that were never meant for black people or people of colour. Together with Eric Cyuzuzo and Jihan Imago she co-founded an association that pushes for a different narrative regarding the visibility of queer, trans, black and brown people called Rainbow Nation. Rainbow Nation pushes for diversity, inclusivity and multiculturalism that is not defined by whiteness. Rachael is also the coordinator of the RainbowHouse Brussels which is the umbrella organisation of French and Dutch speaking LGBT associations in the Brussels Capital Region. She is the first black woman to take up this role. Intersectionality with a capital ‘i’ not only plays a major role in Rachael’s life but is probably one of the better words to describe her.  

Did you know?

  • Keith Haring The Activist

    Keith Haring was an artist who took to the streets. He handed out pamphlets, put up posters, drew in subways and painted on walls in an optimistic battle against those in power. He invested the same unbridled energy in his political and social activism as he did in his art. Quite the ride from paperboy in conservative Kutztown to celebrated artist-activist in NYC.

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