Cheikh Papa Djimbira Sow belongs to the Djimbira de Kèbèmer family from north-west Senegal. The family has an important role in the Qadiriya brotherhood. Cheikh Papa Djimbira Sow sings to keep alive the traditions of the brotherhood founded in 12th century Bagdad by the Sufi Cheikh Abd al Qadir al-Jilanin and brought to Senegal six centuries later under Cheikh Saad Bouh. Joined by his group Nourou Salam (Light of Peace) made up of singers and percussionists, Cheikh Papa Djimbira Sow sings the Prophet of Islam and the key figures of West African Sufism, such as Cheikh Saad Bouh, El Hadh Malick Sy and Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba.