With the star of the Bolshoi theatre de Moscou Anastasia Goryacheva as Mary
Music by Piotr Ilitch Tchaïkovski
Choreography by Mikhail Venshchikov
Design by Tatiana Koroleva

The Nutcracker staged by St. Petersburg Classical Ballet / Arts Center Saint-Michel evokes the tale that was first presented on the stage of the Mariinsky Theater in 1892.
On the Christmas night, the good wizard Drosselmeyer makes little Mary see a dream that erases the borders between reality and the world of reveries. Mary’s Christmas gift, a Nutcracker, turns both into her fearless champion in the fight against mice, and the charming prince who awakens the first romance in her heart.
The Nutcracker as staged by Mikhail Venshchikov stays faithful to the traditions of the classical St. Petersburg ballet; all the principal choreographic pieces are preserved, according to the original concept of the show’s first directors, Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov. Apart from the universally familiar pieces, such as Valse des Flacons de Neige, Grand Ballabile and Divertissements des Jouets, the show will include the fragments that have been recreated for the first time in 100 years, such as the legendary Adagio à l’Echarpe from Act 1.
Both the children and the adults will definitely enjoy their chance to get immersed in the atmosphere of a winter fairly tail. The Nutcracker by St. Petersburg Classical Ballet will provide an unforgettable New Year Eve experience for the whole family.
Arts Center Saint Michel Company carries on the glorious traditions of the Russian classical ballet, showing its best achievements all over the world. Over the last years, Company’s production was successfully presented in Europe, Japan, America and other countries.
The Belgian audience is well-acquainted with Arts Center Saint-Michel. Its most recent projects were Grand Ballet Gala, The Nutcracker, One-Act Ballets Night , including Les Sylphides (F. Chopin) and Aurora’s Wedding (P.Il. Tchaikovsky), Carmen (G. Bizet ) presented since 2017.
Arts Center Saint-Michel dedication to the traditions of the St. Petersburg school of ballet ensures the uniformity of performing style that is crucial for such ballets as The Nutcracker and The Swan Lake.