The Hacktivate The City project brings together creative teachers, policymakers, parents and pupils for an intensive exploration of the STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). The exhibition presents the results of the young creatives’ work in the Wearable Technology Lab in the Fab and the Media Lab at the Erasmus University College Brussels. Together with the Belgian artists Claire Williams et Wendy Van Wynsberghe, students from La Cambre, and ICT experts they developed a range of forms of portable technologies. They sought out new materials and experimented with digital tools and technology. The result? New forms of clothing and fashion design that may inspire the fashion industry! 

Throughout the exhibition weekend, the Open BioLab and Open FabLab from the Erasmus University College Brussels join their forces to show off their innovative projects in the field of STEAM education. Furthermore the exhibition hosts a selection of remarkable projects from the U19-Create your World programme by Ars Electronica (AU), where young people have been working with innovative industries, artists and technologists in Austria. 
Who decides, how the next generation will be in 20 years? Which technologies will be used then? How is our society developing and which artistic ideas can help us?