In the presence of Adrienne Fréjacques (Arte), Michelangelo Marchese, Philippe Jeusette, Yoann Blanc, Christelle Cornil, Camille Voglaire, Lazare Gousseau, Alice Hubballe, David Manet and the Belgian team.
Olivier is such a broke real estate agent that he squats the apartments he is supposed to sell. Her mother's death brought some revelations, including a more than unexpected inheritance: a building in the center of Paris! Finally, Olivier will be able to pay his daughter's alimony, invite her to his home, be there for his father and be straight with his ex. But he was quite disappointed when he discovered the famous building, which was in fact an ugly ruin, more of a burden than the help he needed. 

France and Belgium, 2019. Episodes 1 and 2.
Created and directed by Etgar Keret et Shira Geffen
Cast : Mathieu Amalric, Eddy Mitchell, Nicole Shirer, Sarah Adler
​​​​​​​Production: Les Films du Poisson, Arte France, Gapbusters
Broadcasters: Be tv, Arte

The rest of the series is available on Be tv and in 2020 on Arte.