Screening preceded by the webseries FLAVOURS OF IRAQ

​​​​​​​The new production for CANAL+ had its world premiere at the Toronto festival. The screenplay by Rebecca Zlotowski and Sabri Louatah is actually an adaptation of Louatah's eponymous epic novel. LES SAUVAGES tells the story of modern France through a saga of family feuds, revenge and manipulation. Roschdy Zem plays the charismatic French president (very reminiscent of Barack Obama) who survives an attempt on his life. The brilliant Marina Foïs sets out in dogged pursuit of the president's would-be assassin.

​​​​​​​France, 2019. Episodes 1 and 2.
​​​​​​​Creators: Sabri Louatah and Rebecca Zlotowski
Adapted from Sabri Louatah's books. 
Writers: Sabri Louatah, Rebecca Zlotowski and Benjamin Charbit
Director: Rebecca Zlotowski
Cast: Marina Foïs, Roschdy Zem, Amira Casar and Souheila Yacoub
Production: StudioCanal, CPB Films and Scarlett Production
Distribution: Be tv

The rest of the series is available on Be tv.