Gloomy Eyes: a VR mini-series narrated by Colin Farrell as he follows a half-human, half-zombie child in search of his place in a world of perpetual night. The series won awards at Sundance (Best VR Animation), Annecy (Cristal for Best VR Work) and Anima (Best VR Short).

-22.7°C offers a sensory immersion into polar lands, inspired by the adventures of the musician Molécule who discovered the experience of creation in the Arctic, a world of mystical sounds and vibrations. The film, co-directed by Molécule with Jan Kounen (99 francs, Dobermann, D'autres mondes) and Amaury La Burthe, is a continuation of his album produced in 2018.

The Scream is directly inspired by Munch's famous painting, plunging the viewer into the depths of the work, into the heart of his torments. The film was in the VR selection at the Venice Film Festival and won an award at the Anima Festival.

Mind Palace explores the emotional experience of relationship breakdown, venturing into the minds and consciences of the two protagonists.