Across the Road – Worlds Apart (DE)
A league of German Girls was the girl’s wing of the Nazi party’s youth movement, Hitler Youth. Open to girls aged ten years upwards; it was a key part of the Nazi plans to shape a new generation of Germans. Eva Sternheim-Peters, now 94, joined the League at the age of ten and rose to be one of its leaders. Today she shares her Berlin apartment with Syrian refugee, Amer Kassab. But not everyone in the neighbourhood is welcoming. This peculiar couple lives across the road from a German pub frequented by local regulars opposing Muslim newcomers. Will the encounter with Amer in their local pub shift their views?

Danielle’s Choice (BE)
"New Neighbours" is about people who had to leave their home and try to integrate into a new neighbourhood, new village, new city, new society. But it also tells a story of locals, those who have to accept new neighbours. In this episode directed by Safia Kessas and Mathieu Neuprez, we will follow Mubarak in his efforts to seek asylum in Belgium. He’s Danielle's protégé, one of the faces of the 15.000 citizen’s platform of refugees’ volunteers. Without keeping scores, she’s welcoming Mubarak and some others in order to help them and comfort them with the warmth of a home. However, her family sometimes feels forgotten. Welcoming refugees is an experience that will change you forever.