Composer, musician and visual artist Mira Calix has been invited by BOZAR to conceive an interactive and performative artwork  in response to artist Michael’s Pistoletto’s Third Paradise  ( on the occasion of the Rebirth Day which will take place on the 19th December 2019 at 11 AM). 

A combination of professional dancers and volunteers will move through the main  Horta Hall diffusing Calix’s musical composition through wireless speakers, whilst mapping the interlaced symbol of the 3rd paradise in chalks. 

Mira is seeking volunteers to collaborate with her on this project.  She would like to work with 6 female volunteers, physically active and over the age of 18, to participate in the performance element of her sound sculpture. This will mostly involve walking together in structured sequences.  No previous experience or skills are required, we are looking for women with a little time to spare and an interest in being an intrinsic part of a new performative artwork.

Volunteers will be required to attend a two-hour workshop with Mira Calix on the 18th December 2019, between 4-6pm in order to prepare for the performance on the 19th December. For the performance itself they will be required for approximately three hours between 9.30am – 12.30pm.

The post-performance installation and sculpture will remain in the hall post-performance until the 6th January 2020. The speakers will continue to soundplay, and the symbol will naturally disintegrate and fade as the organic chalk is diffused by visitors.

Interested? ? please contact  alexiamenikou@gmail.com