As a cooperation pillar, BRIDGES Festival launched a special event in 2019 entitled BRIDGES INDUSTRY DAY. It aims to improve the understanding of cooperation prospects and production patterns in countries on Europe’s eastern bridge. In January 2020, BRIDGES INDUSTRY DAY will further specify its focus and select eight promising film projects emerging from countries covered by the Festival. Up to 8 producers with projects in their development stage will be invited to an informal panel discussion, aimed on highlighting their producing strategies and pitching their stories. All those projects will seek European co-producing partners.
The event’s primary focus is on the industry’s representatives from Belgium and support enhancement of cooperation with producers in focus countries.

- BORDER GAME by Elena Mikaberdze (first feature). To be represented either by Elena or producer Tekla Machavariani
- PANOPTICON by George Sikharulidze (first feature). To be represented by George Sikharulidze
- REFLECTION by Valentyn Vasyanovych (third feature). To be represented by Vladimir Yatsenko, producer
- SPAS by Maksym Nakonechnyi (first feature). To be represented by Maksym
Armenia Driver by Lusine Sargsyan (second feature). To be represented by Nairi Hakhverdi, Writer
Azerbaijan A Light that never goes out by Rufat Asanov
Moldova Santa Barbara by Anatol Durbala (second feature). To be represented by producer Serjiu Cumatrenco
Belarus 72 Hours by Anna Savchenko. To be represented by Anna Savchenko