The story takes place in Atlanta, the new Mecca of Rap. Larry (Kody Kim), a daydreamer French guy gets dumped by a local chick. The only way to seduce her? Find and bring OutKast back together (!), the mythical Atlanta band.
Difficult mission: OutKast went on hiatus a decade ago, and all Atlanta’s inhabitants seem to have converted to Trap, this minimalistic rap trend that originated from Atlanta and spread worldwide. Clumsy and poorly informed, Larry goes in search of the legendary duo, under the demanding and infuriated gaze of Rap God, the actual God of Rap, who wants the funkiest rap band to come back, but is worried about the ability of this little Frenchy to achieve this mission.
He goes to meet those who once crossed the path of OutKast’s. In his Oldsmobile Cutlass, Larry slowly and dangerously traces the trail of the band. Anyway, he can’t turn back: the reverse gear is broken!

France - Belgium, 2019. Episodes 1 and 2 (2x6').
​​​​​​​Created and directed by Mathieu Rochet
Cast: Kody Kim, Masta Ace, DJ Toomp, Big Gipp, Ray Murray
Production: Arte, Temps noir, Résistance Films, RTBF
​Broadcasters: Arte, RTBF