Keith Haring, pillar of the gay underground scene of New York, always seemed convinced he would die young, and in the little time he had he threw himself in the creation of playful works of art that were filled with symbolism and accessible to all. This powerful and moving film interviews his friends (Kenny Sharf, Yoko Ono, Tony Shafrazi and many others) and traces the life of an exceptional artist, dead at 31. 

Did you know?

  • Keith Haring The Activist

    Keith Haring was an artist who took to the streets. He handed out pamphlets, put up posters, drew in subways and painted on walls in an optimistic battle against those in power. He invested the same unbridled energy in his political and social activism as he did in his art. Quite the ride from paperboy in conservative Kutztown to celebrated artist-activist in NYC.

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