Throughout the first half of 2020, Croatia will take centre stage at the Centre for Fine Arts. The most recent state to join the European Union, Croatia currently holds the Presidency of the Council for the first time in its history. The country’s cultural programme at BOZAR is multidisciplinary.

The central event is an exhibition devoted to architect Vjenceslav Richter (1917-2002), a key figure in Croatian art history who played a major role in post-war European modernism. The opening of the exhibition will be preceded by a concert with the Cantus Ansambl. Architectural experiments will also be explored in a series of film screenings.

In the performing arts, there will be a special focus on contemporary dance, with consecutive productions by choreographers Saša Božić and Matija Ferlin, performed respectively by De Facto and Zagreb Dance Company; the internationally acclaimed play, Three Winters – a panoramic fresco of the country's turbulent history – will be another highlight of the programme, which will close with a concert by the Dialogos Ensemble, featuring a masterpiece from the Renaissance.

Did you know?

  • Aleksi - Barbara Vekarić

    Best of Croatian Cinema

    Croatian cinema has witnessed the rise of a new generation of filmmakers who are not afraid to wander off the beaten paths and go beyond the picturesque tourist vistas and Game of Thrones locations. Although they were all born in the 1980s, these filmmakers vary wildly when it comes to style and sensibility – from confrontational to audience friendly; from non-fiction through fantasy. They each engage with local cinematic genres (e.g. Mediterranean comedies, coming of age stories) which they update from fresh, contemporary perspectives, proving that Croatia is not only “a small country for a great holiday”, but also a small country with great cinema.

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