The AFROPOLITAN FESTIVAL will invite Bintou Dembélé and Cal Hunt to create a variation of a solo from the opera-ballet Les Indes Galantes. It will be performed at the entrance to the Keith Haring exhibition. Haring enjoyed mixing and overlapping genres. The same iconoclastic spirit underlies Clément Cogitore and Bintou Dembélé’s creation of the J.P. Rameau opera-ballet Les Indes Galantes, presented at the Paris Opera last autumn. The clash of eras and aesthetics echoes Haring’s philosophy and activism. 

For Les Indes Galantes, Bintou Dembélé worked with 29 dancers using a variety of dance styles – krump, voguing, popping, house, electro, waacking – which all originate from specific socio-historic contexts. At BOZAR, she has chosen to present a variation of the solo by New York dancer Cal Hunt. 

Introduced to FLEXN on the streets of Brooklyn, Cal Hunt has danced all around the world. In 2019, he took part in the creation of the opera-ballet Les Indes Galantes. In his home city of New York, he teaches dance in state schools as part of the programme run by the cultural centre The Shed (NYC).​​​​​​​

Bintou Dembélé is French dancer and choreographer, acknowledged as one of the pioneers of hip-hop dance in France. His work focuses on the memory of the body through the prism of French colonial and post-colonial history.