In just a few years, Prezy has become a familiar face on the small screen after his stint hosting the Tarmac radio show. He co-presents a daily programme for young adults on RTBF, and as of 2020, is also the co-presenter of The Voice Kids Belgium. 
Prezy never stops. When he is not on shoot, he makes music. He has always loved rap and has just recorded a new single, HulaHoop. In an Afrobeat performance, he talks about social media and lands hilarious punchlines. 
The Master of Ceremonies for this year's festival, he was given ‘Black Card’ (a ‘black’ carte blanche) to bring together seven young artists and standuppers who best reflect the rising generation of Afro-descendants, from Brussels to Paris. Get ready for mind-blowing entertainment! 

As part of the festival, the artists will also join Prezy to debate the following topic: "What place for young Afro-descendants?"