In Carriage, Matty Davis and Ben Gould explore empathy and control. Gould's controlled and uncontrolled movements combined with his raw energy drive this idea home. The evolving senses of the body – injury, trauma, healing and growth – form the foundation of their performance, drawn from their different physicalities. Empathy becomes a physical instrument, resistance gives stability. The piece has already been performed in the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, The Chicago Cultural Center, but also in a network of limestone caves and aboard a vessel on the Chicago River.

Matty Davis is an artist and choreographer from Brooklyn. He always departs from the idea of movement and adds empathy, trust and energy as ingredients for improvisation and unpredictable activity. 
Ben Gould also works in New York and focuses on performance that is multidisciplinary, resting on teamwork and intimacy. He has a fascination for energy, how it is controlled, transformed and transferred.