As part of the I Love Science Festival, BOZAR is organising an immersive experience at Brussels Expo that will change your relationship with the living world for a long time to come. Discover how virtual reality today can bring you closer to nature and make you experience from another perspective, through the eyes of animals and plants.

Float above the traces left by humans on the globe, pass from the skin of one animal to another, from prey to predator as you experience the cycle of life, experiment with VR games created by young people in Brussels, or let yourself be carried along through the poetic growth of an animated garden.

Rediscover nature in a multitude of ways with BOZAR. 


21-22 ALPHA, Thierry Loa

I Never Promised You A Garden, Pastor/Placzek

Micro Giants, Digital Domain

+ Virtual Reality Games, that have been developed the framework of the Gluon STARTS Academy