Rashif El Kaoui text adaptation – Amara Reta text adaptation – Hans Van Cauwenberghe adaptation & director – Saskia Louwaard set design – Marrigje Poelstra set design – Maartje van Bourgognie costumes – Rataplan production – Vlaams-Marokkaans Culturenhuis Darna coproduction – De Roma coproduction

Mohamed El Bachiri lost his wife in the 22 March 2016 terrorist attack on the Brussels metro, where he himself worked as a driver. In homage to his wife he wrote the book Een Jihad van Liefde [A Jihad of Love]. A work in which he courageously and powerfully transforms his suffering into a message of love and common humanity. He writes of his childhood in Molenbeek, his love for his wife and his life after the attacks. David Van Reybrouck worked with Mohamed on telling the story. Hans Van Cauwenberghe then transformed this award-winning book into a gripping theatre play.