by and withJoke EmmersThomas JanssensMatthias MeersmanTanya ZabaryloLien De Graeve coaching – Iben Stalpaert lighting design, technician, music – Fran Labarque costumes – Woodman production

Woodman is the latest brainchild of Evelien Bosmans, Joke Emmers, Thomas Janssens and Matthias Meersman. In 2020 they set out in search of what we can hold on to. They contemplate the human condition. How to give it shape? And how to get a grip on our lives and those around us? Lubricant for Life offers a specific step-by-step plan on how to create your own unique method for living. It is a question of finding your own ‘lubricant’ to help you through everyday life. A disarming review full of tips for a happy life!