with :Cédric CoomansElena DoratiottoSarah HebbornDaniel SchmitzKirsten Hoorn

The Collectif La Station tells the story of Anke, Kania, Lars and Nicolaï – marine animal trainers at an amusement park, faced with a horrific accident when their team leader Laora is devoured in the middle of a show by Tatanka the orca, the park’s star animal. This dramatic incident plunges them into frenzied madness and brings them back to what they are: trainers trying to tame an indomitable force. A nightmare with the stench of chlorine and blood, a contemporary comedy inspired by Charles Burns, David Cronenberg and... Free Willy. A show in the image of the collective, fascinated by the contradictions of the human soul. The founding members of La Station – Cédric Coomans, Daniel Schmitz, Eléna Doratiotto and Sarah Hebborn – were all trained at ESACT, the theatre school of the Conservatoire de Liège. This is their third show after Ivan (2012) and Gulfstream (2014), which won the Minister of Culture Prize.