Dmitriy Danilov text – Anton Ilyin actor – Andron Khachiyan actor – Igor Stam actor, co-directed – Viktor Kuzin actor – Svetlana Amerikantseva actress – Mikhail Ugarov director – Olga Kovaleva set design – Igor Pernikov technical director – Otto Lakoba photography

A MAN FROM PODOLSK is a satire presented by the famous TEATR.DOC from Moscow, grappling with a central issue of contemporary Russian society. Bringing together an ordinary citizen and a group of zealous police officers, the play contrasts the figure of the man in the street with that of the police, frequently mocked in Russian civil society. Steeped in the naturalism of documentary theatre, its theatrical originality lies in stepping beyond the stereotype of the violent cop, showing educated police officers determined to rekindle a love of ‘Mother Russia’ in their interlocutor through sophisticated forms of terror and oppression. An innocuous interrogation is transformed into a masterful reflection on patriotism, skillfully crafted by Dmitry Danilov and directed by Mikhail Ouganov, one of the great figures of the Russian stage and television.