Former minister and president of the Fondation Charles de Gaulle, Hervé Gaymard is a staunch defender of the legacy of General de Gaulle, ceaselessly highlighting his story, particularly among the younger generations. Historian Michel Winock is a specialist in the French Republic and in intellectual and political movements in France. He teaches at Sciences Po in Paris, and his book, Charles de Gaulle: un rebelle habité par l’histoire, published by Gallimard in 2019, has received unanimous praise.
The year 2020 marks a triple anniversary of General de Gaulle: 130 years since his birth, the 50th anniversary of his death, and 80 years since his appeal on the 18th of June 1940.
To celebrate this triple anniversary, Hervé Gaymard and Michel Winock have decided to discuss: Charles de Gaulle, a Man in History.