The 2020-2021 season is all about Art and Well-being for BOZAR, and it rests on a broad programme of exhibitions, concerts, performances, debates and workshops. Art is good for you. It is good for your mental, physical and social wellbeing. The creation and experience of art offers more than beauty, solace and joy in times of crisis and pandemic. It is a basic human need. From the arts we learn how to cope with the human condition, the pain of being (alone). They connect us, give us inner strength, help us recalibrate and explore the boundaries and give us a glimpse of another, better world (Gallery of the Futures). The artist's inner world is forever bridging the gap to the turbulent world outside. This is true of the artist/painter in his studio (Philippe Vandenberg. Molenbeek), the revolutionary composer at his writing desk (Hotel Beethoven) and dancers in all their raw, intuitive expressiveness (Danser brut). Does art make us better? It certainly does! A recent report by the World Health Organisation, based on over three thousand studies, puts this well beyond doubt. Art is good for your health. It prevents, and it cures. Are you ready for a healthy dose of Art & Well-being at BOZAR?

Did you know?

  • BOZAR makes you feel better

    After all the uncertainty of the last few months, we are pleased to welcome you back to BOZAR. We can’t do that with the programme we originally planned, but a modified offering that allows us to meet again in the safest of circumstances. To enable us to adapt as best we can to the changing circumstances and to welcome you back under the best conditions possible, we are still developing some of our programme. If you keep following us throughout the season, we will do our best to keep you up to date. Because there’s one thing you can be sure of in all this uncertainty: although we will have to host smaller audiences at the a time, the artistic quality will be undiminished!

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  • Musings on Art and Well-being

    Dirk De Wachter

    Dirk De Wachter, practising psychiatrist and lecturer at UPC KU Leuven, will be making regular appearances as our ambassador this season. Reflecting on art and well-being, he offers these words of encouragement for us: ‘In these strange times let us use the arts to strengthen the imagination and communication. If we are prevented from touching each other, we might, through the indirect appreciation of art, find a special and more deeply entwined bond than that offered by touching directly.'

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  • 9 free online sessions on the social impact of making music

    SIMM-posium #5

    Every year since 2015, the international research platform SIMM (Social Impact of Music Making) has brought together experts from the fields of musical practice and research. After Brussels and Ghent, London, Porto and Bogota, the annual SIMM-posium returns to Belgium this winter, hosted by BOZAR.

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