Our exhibitions are open, but only for individual visitors at the moment. The on-site visit with Shahin Mohammad is cancelled, but will be replaced by an online alternative. More information will follow soon.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

In the Walk With Me series, a guest speaker from beyond the walls of BOZAR takes you on a personal stroll through the exhibition. More than just a tour, it’s a journey with a personal story relating to such themes as gender, religion, cultural identity and sexuality. Sometimes subtle, often radical, and always interesting.

A sign language guide and storyteller, Shahin Mohammad considers herself as an intersectional feminist activist: it is through this prism that she fights against racism, sexism, audism and social discrimination, "for true equality". A constant struggle for this handifeminist, decolonial, anti-racist and environmentalist activist who is committed to a strong political commitment within ECOLO-Groen and the associative world.