Our “Guides on Screen” tours offer an unprecedented experience by bringing our exhibitions to your classroom. Similar to our traditional interactive tours, the online tours aim to personally involve youngsters by asking them to analyse images, to use critical thinking while completing exercises and participating in group discussions, and to talk about emotions that the artwork evokes in them.

The tours take place on Zoom: students can log on from their homes or as a group from their classrooms. Regarding the latter option, and to foster interactivity, we advise you to use several devices and to divide the class into smaller groups.

The online guide experience can be followed by an individual or group visit of the exhibition. If you cannot visit in person, virtual tours of our exhibition halls are also available!

Are you currently studying a particular subject or focusing on a particular theme? Let us know. Our guides can provide tailored tours.


Danser brut

24.09.2020 - 10.01.2021

Hotel Beethoven
13.10.2020 – 17.01.2021

Ongoing and forthcoming