The exhibitions are closed until 31 December due to current health measures. If you have a ticket, you will find all the necessary information on this page. It is still possible to make a reservation for a guided tour from 2 January 2021 or for an online « Guides on Screen » tour. Take good care of yourself, your family and friends. ​​​​​​​

An event for family group visitors: learn more about the listening experience and its creative power – perfectly embodied by Beethoven – through activities that stimulate the senses and attune participants to the power of listening.

Beethoven is an iconic figure for individual and revolutionary artistic creation. His music is nevertheless inseparable from community, and conveys modern and bold notions about society, the environment and universal solidarity. Due to his deafness, the composer had to learn how to listen differently. He became, and to this day remains, a symbol and ceaseless reminder that listening is a multidimensional experience, and a creative power that is often taken for granted. How have we learned about the legendary character and some of his best-known pieces of music? What can we learn about their repeated reinterpretations? Put together your own family group and follow the guide through the intergenerational HOTEL BEETHOVEN exhibition!