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​​​​​​​Roger Raveel
would have celebrated his 100th birthday in 2021. The perfect occasion for Canvas to devote a new documentary to perhaps our most important post-war artist, also celebrated by BOZAR with a retrospective opening in March. 

Raveel was born in the village of Machelen-aan-de-Leie in East Flanders, where he lived his entire life. It is there that the documentary filmmakers Pieter Verbiest and Bertrand Lafontaine set to work with their camera, in search of the people who had known him well.  

​​​​​​​As a result, Wij, Roger Raveel (‘We, Roger Raveel’) is not only a portrait of one of the most radical innovators in Belgian or even European painting but also a portrait of some of his most loyal supporters, such as the poet Roland Jooris and Luc Levrau, for decades his right-hand man and technical assistant.  

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  • Introducing Roger Raveel

    The eternal individualist

    In 2021 he would have been 100 years old. Roger Raveel is one of Belgium’s greatest post-war artists. In a world in which the arts are increasingly international, he remained local. He did not choose for a particular school or movement but developed his own style. Is it his obstinacy that lies at the root of the remarkable work he left behind? From 18 March, BOZAR is presenting a retrospective of his work. An introduction.

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