Fischerspooner will be using an exhibition space in the Centre for Fine Arts to publicly rehearse and develop their new large-scale performance piece. A schedule will be posted and museumgoers are invited to watch the creation of a work-in-progress.
What happens in the exhibition space will change from day to day: people will round the corner and see dancers writing choreography, musicians arranging parts for a song, technicians experimenting with effects. Other times the entire cast and crew may be simply reviewing footage of their work or arguing the philosophy of what they are doing. Incorporating music from their forthcoming album Entertainment and using inspirations as diverse as the early years of the U.S. space program and Japanese theatre, the unfolding process will be a fetishization of artistic creation in all its spontaneity, mundanity, and immediacy.
The room itself will physically evolve over the course of the three weeks as an installation of inspirations and references are pasted up on walls, wardrobe is hung around the room, and various ephemera collect in this utopic artistic workshop. But within the physical room is the real installation: living, breathing artistic people going through the birthing process of a new work in a public environment.
The exhibition is presently scheduled to take place from June 20, 2008 through July 10, 2008 at the CFA.