Two birds with one stone: a single festive event, Club ConTempo, brings to a close both the KlaraFestival and the summer exhibitions at the Centre for Fine Arts. Once again, BOZAR STUDIOS has come up with something original! The artists of the Young Belgian Painters Award have been given carte blanche: Caroline Pekle enters into a dialogue with performance artist and poet Ruth Buchanan; Els Vermang offers an audiovisual presentation; Jeroen Hollander can be seen at work and you can join him... Discover the experimental music of Kapotski.
Following which, the German brass band The Dorf will play up a storm, letting us hear their idea of how to have fun. And don't forget the after-party, organised in cooperation with Red Bull!

20:00 > 01:00
Visit the exhibitions:
Jan De Cock. Repromotion
Young Belgian Painters Award 2009

20:00 > 23:00

21:00 > 22:00
Concert: Kapotski

23:00 > 24:00
Concert: The Dorf

24:00 > 03:00
Red Bull Afterparty with Zohra & Frères Deluxe