Live music / live cinema

Pierre Hébert's unique oeuvre is at the crossroad of the animation, the experimental and the political filmmaking traditions. Often referred to as Norman McLaren's heir, whose direct-on-film animation techniques he has developed in a number of works, Hébert belongs to no particular school or tradition, his work is at the same time personal and committed. Composer, performer, historian, instrument builder, journalist, activist and kayak instructor, Bob Ostertag's work is not easily summarized. Bob Ostertag has collaborated with John Zorn, Mike Patton, Anthony Braxton, and since 2001 with Pierre Hébert, within the Living Cinema project. Special Forces is the latest piece of the series and was inspired by the bombing of Lebanon in 2006. The world premiere took place in Beirut in April 2007. The performance at Bozar will be the first presentation of Special Forces in Belgium

On the occasion of Atelier Graphoui's 30th anniversary.