The State of Things builds bridges between Brussels and Beijing. Between two different art scenes and two cultural institutions: the Centre for Fine Arts and the National Art Museum of China. The selection has been made by two artists with international reputations, both known for their strong social commitment: Luc Tuymans on the Belgian side, Ai Weiwei on the Chinese. The exhibition creates a dialogue between two divergent visions of art and commercial success. In China the relationship between culture, industry, the market economy, and artistic identity is a harmonious one. In Belgium the link between art and the art market is touchier.

Discussion with:

- Luc Tuymans, curators of the exhibition The State of Things.
- Frank Uytterhaegen, Belgian art collector living in China and passionate by Chinese art since about 30 years).
- Sus Van Elzen, Belgian journalist and author with a special interest in China and the Middle East; he recently published “The Dragon and Rose Garden: Art and Politics in China”.
- Karin Smith, Beijing-based art critic.
- Colin Chinnery, Beijing-based curator; has written for numerous publications; previous chief curator and deputy director of the Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art (UCCA); new director of Shangai Contemporary Art Fair).
- Li Zhenhua, Chinese artist and independent curator working a.o for the eARTS festival Shanghai, and interested in new media.