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The czech symphonic orchestra, prague & coro di praha

Symphony no. 9, op. 125 Ludwig van Beethoven
Carmina Burana Carl Orff

I would like to compose something that wins lasting respect for my name in the world,” remarked Haydn at the age of sixty. As if all the symphonies and chamber music he had already written were not enough to guarantee him eternal fame. In all his modesty Haydn was driven by an extraordinary compulsion to create: his complete catalogue contains no fewer than 1,874 pages. With his modest origins, a musical career was not an obvious one for Haydn - certainly as compared to Bach or Mozart. The thirty years he spent in the service of the princes of Eszterházy were to be decisive for his career - years spent in a golden cage in which he succeeded in developing his talent, with an exceptional orchestra at his side. With no obstacles placed in his way, he emerged as a highly original composer. Although there is no questioning the originality of his music, today he remains somewhat less popular than Mozart. Reason enough, in the context of his 200th anniversary, to further explore the genius of this musical all-rounder.