Twenty years ago: the national football fi nal. During the match Fung accepts a bribe from a team-mate, Hung; as a consequence, he misses a crucial penalty, the last kick of the match, and his team loses. Chaos rules at once and the fans invade the pitch. In their rage they break Fung’s “golden” leg. Years later, Fung is living rough as a down-and out. To make matters worse, his old teammate Hung, who replaced Fung as the team’s star player, has become the sport’s most influential figure. One day, alongside a small football pitch, Fung watches as Sing, a Shaolin student, fights off a mob of local gangsters. At one stage Sing is cornered, but he fi ghts his way out, showcasing his powerful martialarts kicking skills. Fung sees in Sing a future star footballer... Movie for children + 8 years old.