Stanley Donen

Stanley Donen director – Gene Kelly director, actor – Debbie Reynolds actress – Jean Hagen actor

Kamal Hachkar

Kamal Hachkar director, screenplay

The 21st century promises to be more Chinese than ever. The wealth of oriental tradition and the economic great power of 2009 both attract the West. And yet it remains quite tricky to see beyond the facade, the clichés, and the preconceptions. CHINA@BOZAR offers you a look behind the scenes, past and present, during Europalia. Two icons, symbolising "traditional" and "contemporary" China, act as your guides through BOZAR's extensive Chinese menu. They make it possible to find events relating to both China's rich past and today's China and to combine the two. The historical exhibition Son of Heaven presents 50 centuries of Chinese power and glory, while in an exhibition of contemporary art, The State of Things, the curators Luc Tuymans, Ai Weiwei, and Fan Di'an take a look at the art markets in Beijing and Brussels. And then there are our two theme weekends. Traditional Voices (4 > 6 December 2009) offers a voyage of discovery through China's varied musical landscape. In (Un)silenced Voices (14 > 15 November) independent film-makers, theatre people, and writers present a picture of daily life in China today. Discover China as you have never seen it before! Join us on www.chinaatbozar.be