Due to family circumstances, the performance is cancelled

Active since the 1960s in Zaj, an avant-garde group whose radical performances confronted the Franco regime, Esther Ferrer still extols the virtues of a very specific “minimalism, based on the rigour of the absurd”. Taking an extremely sober approach, devoid of anything superfluous, she diverts objects from their simplistic foundations, offering them a saving way out. Her approach is distinctive and uncompromising.

Esther Ferrer, awarded the Spanish National Plastic Arts Award in 2008, is one of the most important players of Spanish action art. Since her beginnings she has made performances with the participation of the spectators. She has joined the practices started by Dadaists and surrealists, and her work has managed to include the heritage of minimalism and conceptual art. In addition, she has led a remarkable career as a photographer and an art essayist. In her long career as action artist she has participated in numerous festivals both in Spain and abroad, and her work is acknowledged